Robin Cerio
RI BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION ALERT MESSAGING PROGRAM The best way to be informed about school closings, delays, and early dismissals is through the RIBA Alert Messaging Program. Visit your favorite radio or television website now to register for ALERT MESSAGING to your cell phone. Be notified immediately when there is a cancellation, delay or emergency message relating to your child's school. ALERT MESSAGING registration for the RI Broadcasters Association cancellation system can be found on radio and television stations home page or under the weather tab. Here is the link for WPRI:
11 months ago, Robin Cerio
Robin Cerio
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Special Education
SELAC Movie Night December 13, 2019 Polar Express
12 days ago, Special Education
Special Education
Check this out ~ Sensory Night at Roger Williams Zoo
about 1 month ago, Special Education
Robin Cerio
FIELD TRIP UPDATE - A message from the Superintendent At the last School Committee meeting, the field trip policy amendment (#8604) was presented and passed to reflect changes to the interpretation of the law regarding funding and charging families. Our policy maintains maximum flexibility in securing funds to offer as many meaningful, curriculum-based field trips as possible. Fundraising, grants, donations from community members/parents, or sponsorship from organizations such as PTO are all acceptable ways to fund trips, within the parameters of the amended policy. School principals and field trip organizers can answer specific questions about individual trips. We will continue to monitor implementation of this policy, as well as activity at the state level, to determine if any adjustments need to be made to our current plan.
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Robin Cerio
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Art Searle
The EWG XQ+RI design team seeks answers to the question, "If you could build a high school that was specifically designed for how children learn, what would it look like, sound like, and feel like?" Parents and community members are invited to respond at
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Robin Cerio
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Robin Cerio
Congratulations to kindergarten teacher Chris Petrarca - Golden Apple Recipient! -
9 months ago, Robin Cerio
Jeremy Taylor
Parents of Wawaloam students may have heard from their child that we have been doing coding in their library class with Mrs. Ganger and myself, Mr. Fish, Mrs. Fish and/or Mr. Pancaro. Wawaloam participated in the Hour of Code over the past two weeks. You can read more about the hour of code on their website.
12 months ago, Jeremy Taylor
James Erinkaes
Our Senior High School welcomed Commissioner Wagner and Deputy Commissioner Snider today. Students presented their Psychology brain projects in Mrs. Wilmot's class. Our visitors also observed some engaging technology lessons in Mr. Murphy's Computer Science and Coding classes.
about 1 year ago, James Erinkaes
EWG District Admin
We are so proud of School Nurse and Teacher Dawn Seitz who was awarded the Golden Apple for saving the life of a student.
about 1 year ago, EWG District Admin
EWG District Admin
EWG Class of 2018 Graduation
over 1 year ago, EWG District Admin