Open House: December 6th from 6:00-7:30pm


Exeter-West Greenwich is like no other public high school in Rhode Island. Reminiscent of many private schools, the EWG High School campus is situated on 40 acres of deciduous forest in rural West Greenwich, yet conveniently located just off route 95. EWG is a small high school with a student population of about 475 students and a student to teacher ratio of approximately 10:1. EWG High School is highly rated, earning a place in the top ten of many “best school” lists year after year, proving to be one of the best high schools in Rhode Island.

EWG High School has many  College and Career Pathways available to students, but 7 have been RIDE approved for external enrollment allowing students from around the state to apply to attend here at no cost to parents. We have limited space available in these programs, so APPLY TODAY!

“My school is filled with some of the most caring and kind teachers, students, and administrators. Around every corner is a smiling face, and in every classroom, students can find a kind-hearted teacher ready to help with anything. Whether a student is having a problem in school or outside of school, or even if they just need somebody to talk to, there is always a student or teacher that is willing to help them out. I am proud to be a part of such a close-knit community...our core values are very important, and there is a huge emphasis on being kind to others.” Alum

“The teachers all go above and beyond to help students by staying after school, holding workshops, and giving individual attention to make sure all kids have the opportunity to learn.” Parent of a current student

"You didn't just open doors, which you did, you showed me doors I didn't know existed." RISD Graduate, EWG Alum

"I often reflect on the events, decisions, and opportunities that brought me to where I am today. I find that more often than not, how I got to where I am today all stems from EWG. The support that faculty and staff provided to me during my transitional college years played a crucial role in my college success. The EWG network of alumni have opened many many doors for me and also helped me get to where I am today. If I didn’t play softball in high school I would not have attended the New England Student Leadership Conference. If I didn’t attend that conference, I would not have had the connections to get an opportunity to intern at the URI College of Engineering. If I didn’t have that internship I would not have found my passion for higher education and I would not be pursuing my M.Ed in Higher Education Counseling. If my EWG friends did not push me to go out on the night of January 27th I would not have met my boyfriend of 3 years and I would not be moving to Mass in a few months to start a life with him. If EWG was not part of my story then I would be writing an entirely different book, by an entirely different author." Alum

“Great teachers who really care about their students. Really small classes put you closely in touch with your teachers and help is always available if you need it!” Alum

“The academic level of achievement of the students at this school is quite high, which is a direct indication of the caliber of the teachers there.” Parent of an Alum

“I personally love this school. As a transfer student I love how close every student is. The Teachers take individual approaches for students’ successes and will assist in any way to help you succeed.” Alum

“The class size is small allowing for strong 1:1 support as needed. The students genuinely care for each other and are integral to the success of their classmates. It is a nurturing environment.” Parent of an Alum

“EWG gave me the tools I needed to be successful in life. The mentoring I received there made a real difference, paving the way for my successful career in Information Technology.” Alum