Exeter-West Greenwich Regional School District collaborated with seven school districts (Chariho, Coventry, East Greenwich, Jamestown, Narragansett, North Kingstown, Westerly) to develop an English Language Arts Scope and Sequence and its supporting documents. The development of the Units of Study was supported by the Rhode Island Department of Education utilizing Race to the Top funds. As is the iterative nature of the curriculum development process, the districts have continued to work together to refine these documents. The Units of Study include the Common Core Content Standards being instructed in the units as well as content bullets, essential questions, clarifying the standards, and research to support the instruction of the units. The Year at a Glance provides a one-page look at the Units of Study and the standards taught in each unit.

One of the biggest advantages of Common Core is the sharing of materials and resources. There are many other materials linked here that will support the grade level Common Core instruction.

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